RSN - Resort TV

Sponsor of Skifish The World
RSN is a national television network that specializes in creating and distributing outdoor content to America's premier resorts, including more than 125 mountain and beach destinations across the country. RSN features local programming designed to provide information pertaining to recreation and entertainment options specific to those resorts. RSN launched in 1985 with a goal to create a nationwide network of television stations serving mountain resorts. Resort operators quickly embraced the RSN concept because of the company's ability to provide unique, high-quality content that appealed to both residents and visitors of these destination areas. Premium advertisers also responded to the concept because RSN created a new network that demonstrated it was effective in reaching an attractive, and otherwise hard-to-reach, audience. Today, RSN has expanded from its ski resort roots to include year round mountain and beach markets across North America. From exciting destinations such as Aspen, Vail, Lake Tahoe, Park City, Sun Valley, Killington, Mount Snow, Key West, and Myrtle Beach, RSN is able to reach unique audiences in their favorite places to play.