Skifish Sponsorship Opportunities Available

SKIFISH The World is currently accepting sponsors for the inaugural season!

A limited number of exclusive Title, Full, Commercial, and Supporting
sponsorship opportunities are available for Season One.

Contact our Sales department to secure your partnership with SKIFISH The World today!
For information regarding sponsorship opportunities or to obtain a copy of our media kit,
please contact Sales at (XXX) XXX-XXXX or

Sponsorship can be in the form(s) of:

      •     Product Sponsorship - such as fishing/skiing related products, clothing, camping supplies, vehicles - land and all terrain, fresh and salt water vessels, outboard motors, electronics and audio-video equipment, etc. or;
      •     Financial Sponsorship - such as annual stipend/salary, reimbursement of tournament entry fees, transportation to events, etc.
      •     Product & Financial Sponsorship

In return for your sponsorship, STFW will promote your product(s) through:

      •     Relevant trade shows in British Columbia, Alberta and the Yukon
      •     Retail outlets
      •     Educational events
      •     Tournaments
      •     Print ads
      •     Press coverage
      •     Decals on SFTW's vehicles, boats, and travel trailer
      •     Advertising on SFTW's videos and website

SFTW is also available for product field testing. Products are thoroughly tested, photographed in action using high quality digital photography (video available) and receive a well written review. Products that SFTW accepts for field testing are, but not limited to, fishing/skiing related products, clothing, camping supplies, vehicles, boats, outboard motors, electronics and audio-video equipment.

For information about these and/or other opportunities, or for SFTW's event calendar, please contact him at: - or call: X-XXX-XXX-XXXX